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iCanSEO is for business owners who are ready to get their site ranked in top Google spots, and get found by 60-80% of online searchers. If you’ve been hustling to get more customers, but you’ve been stuck, then this is definitely for you. If you’ve tried SEO services before, but they didn’t work, then this is absolutely for you.

It can. The platform was built with local businesses in mind, and some of the techniques are for local business only. However, most the same strategies can be applied to any kind of website that you want to rank in Google.

There is a wide variety of services in the marketplace.

Most of the services are aimed at increasing the amount of links your website has.

The prices for each service vary, depending on the complexity of each one. Our lowest priced link package starts at $19. Most of our link packages are under $49, but there are 2-3 that cost $99.

If you could get more targeted traffic visiting your site , and more people giving you calls, would you get more business, and make more money? Absolutely. We’ve helped hundreds of clients make more money over the years. And, with iCanSEO, we’re giving you the exact tools and blueprint for getting that targeted traffic, and making more money.

Agencies don’t give you the tools and secrets you need to get your site ranked on your own. Here at iCanSEO, we do exactly that. Most agencies cloak their techniques in mystery – often, you can’t figure out their SEO strategy, even when asking specifically. iCanSEO gives you the tools you need to do your own SEO, plus we provide outsourcing if you’d rather we do it all for you.

While iCanSEO focuses on search engine optimization, we do offer a few other non-SEO services, because having a good foundation is important.

We offer a few non-SEO services, such as offering a Content Marketing Schedule, or Managing Your Social Media Campaign, and more.

We firmly believe that if you put in the time, and follow our steps, you’ll see an increase in business, and will start making more money. That being said, we can’t make any specific guarantees, because every website is different.

Usually you will start seeing results in the first month. Of course, this depends completely on the competitiveness of your industry (more competitive industries will take much longer to rank), as well as whether or not your website had previous, damaging SEO practices used.

Yes – but you’ll have to put in the same amount of work for each site you want to rank. Also, you don’t want them to compete with each other – don’t have two websites targeting the same area. Instead, choose two different areas, and do the work on each domain to see results.

Yes. You’ll learn everything you need to get your site ranked, and start making more money. SEO is complex, however – you’ll want to keep on learning and growing to keep up with the constantly-changing industry.

No one else is offering SEO training like we do. The reason for this is likely that people don’t like to give away their secrets. We’re tired of SEO being cloaked in mystery – we put the tools entrepreneurs need to take control of their own business.

We do not teach “blackhat” SEO strategies at iCanSEO. All of the techniques we teach are done in such a way as to protect your site and your ranking, no matter what happens with the search algorithm.

Choosing the right keywords for your site might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. In our “Start Here” section of the iCanSEO training, you can find a section titled “Choose Your Keywords.” Here, we explain how to go about choosing the right keywords (including what tools you use) to get your site ranked.

Yes! You can set-up a consultation with Brittany or Josh through the marketplace. A 30-minute phone consultation is $400. An email consultation is $200. You will be asked to provide some basic information about your business and website before the consult.

Well, yes. Our prices are high. Visit and apply for consideration. We only take a small amount of full clients per month.

To get started, simply purchase the iCanSEO course. You’ll receive a login to start working through the modules, and you’ll also be added to our secret Facebook group, where you can discuss all your SEO tactics and questions with others.

To access the members area, visit, or simply click the link in the menu.

To order from the marketplace, you must purchase the iCanSEO course. Once you’ve done this, you’ll see “Services” in the left-hand menu. Simply click that link, and you’ll be able to see all the services the iCanSEO team provides.

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