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iCanSEO is all about do-it-yourself SEO.

This doesn’t mean less traffic to your website – it means more. YOU are more motivated to increase the traffic to your website than any agency or freelancer will ever be! This is exactly why YOU should be running your SEO campaign. YOU are your business’ #1 cheerleader.

Uncover exactly what your website needs to get more traffic, then follow our easy, step-by-step action plan. Take control of your online presence. Grow your business. Get the leads you know you deserve.

Note: SEO experience not required.

Why Join icanSEO?

Laser focused results

Laser Focused Results for Local Businesses

Local businesses, kick up your heels! For years you have been excluded from the  SEO hullabaloo – competitors outranking you, Google determined to keep your website in the Netherlands, and lousy SEO services running your pockets dry while providing low quality work. No more! iCanSEO was developed just for you. Its the secret weapon you’ve been missing from your online marketing arsenal.

A platform built from the ground up.

As the owner of a high-end SEO agency, I knew that there must be an affordable option for local businesses to get solid SEO results without the agency price tag. It turns out, there wasn’t one. So I designed a custom platform where business owners can quickly learn exactly what their website needs to be successful in the search engines, keep their SEO on track with a dynamic checklist, track your rank in real time, and purchase any mundane tasks that you don’t want to do yourself a la carte at a wholesale rate.

Platform built from the ground up
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Already wearing several hats?

We know you are an important CEO with about 100 different things on your plate. That’s why we’ve put all our focus into making sure that our platform is as easy as a microwave burrito. Purchase the course and light a fire under your website’s SEO profile before you can say “I’m hungry for a taco salad.” Own the entire course within 3 minutes. Then use our clever “start here” module to spark up your success with iCanSEO in the next 30 minutes. All the modules include “Quick Concepts” which can be digested in 30 minutes or less. Your website will thank you for it (more traffic PUHleaz!).

SEO just got personal.

What you get when you buy the course:

Full DIY SEO training – iCanSEO contains 5 modules of spoon-fed, vital SEO techniques. Complete with screenshots and video. Printable PDF’s that literally hold your hand through the SEO process. Painless to do yourself, or hire a newbie to do it for you. Hook, line, and SINK.

Full Support – We really want to see you rescue your website from the deep depths of Google page 2 and beyond, and float up easily into the top 3 Google results. There is nothing more satisfying in the industry. To do this, we provide our members full support, including live chat within the dashboard, a private FB group for members only (a community of learners and teachers).

Full access to my superhero SEO team – Obviously you are going to follow along with every module and become an SEO know-it-all. You’ll be fully capable of doing everything yourself. But some parts of the process can be tedious. Or you just don’t have the time. Anytime you want to off-load the boring stuff, you have my team at your beck and call. Easily order one-off tasks at rock-bottom prices right within the dashboard, or order more than one task at a bundled price.

What makes iCanSEO the best choice?

  • With the captain (you) calling the shots on your business’s online presence, your SEO results will shoot through the roof. A middle man (agency or outside hire) will always soften that blow!
  • SEO is still in transition – your competitors are either hiring an outside agency (bleh) or not doing SEO at all. Master the ropes NOW and take the lead while its easy to reach out grab it!
  • SEO is one of the most powerful skills you can learn – once you know it, you can succeed in nearly any industry.
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